Winter is approaching faster than some people would like while others are ready for bonfires and snuggling up with family around the fireplace. Many memories to come around the warmth and enjoying family time. With the festivities coming around the corner, it is important to schedule a routine chimney sweep prior to the first fire. Chimneys need routine maintaining as our vehicles do.

Importance of Chimney Sweeps

In the colder months, fireplaces provide comfort, warmth, and enjoyment. To keep them burning at their best efficiency, it is recommended to have a regular maintenance schedule. Maintaining the proper chimney care and preventative maintenance will ensure you’re chimney to be a source of warmth for years.

One of the best preventive maintenance procedures you can do for your chimney is to have a professional clean it. It does not matter if it is used often or sparingly, an annual chimney cleaning will keep it in tip-top condition for the years to come.

Expectations of Chimney Sweeping

The sole purpose of a professional chimney sweep is to get rid of any blockages, possible safety hazards, and buildup of creosote. Our technicians use special tools and equipment such as a vacuum and brushes designed to take off the ash, soot, and creosote.

Removing the creosote from the flue is extremely crucial because it is the main reason to get your chimney cleaned. The buildups of creosote will put you and your family at higher risks for accidental chimney fires and health hazards.

Chimney Cleaning Benefits

There are numerous advantages of chimney sweeping. Along with inspections, cleaning and sweeping are beneficial to the functionality of the chimney and your safety. Below are a few more benefits:

  • preventing chimney fires
  • preventing corrosion of your chimney system
  • preventing smoke problems
  • increase in the efficiency
  • reduction of foul odors
  • prevent/reduces costly chimney repairs

Preventing Chimney Repairs

In order to save hundreds of dollars on repairs and replacements, professional chimney sweeping lower the wear and tear on bits of wood, ash, and soot. It is best to not wait for trouble or problems to occur, and schedule chimney cleaning and sweeping services immediately. To keep you and your family safe, hire a professional chimney sweep to clean your fireplace at least once or twice each year. The sweep itself will only take between forty-five minutes to an hour to sufficiently clean your chimney back to its glory.

You can schedule a professional sweep through us via the phone or by filling out a form on our web page. We offer you the most experienced chimney professionals who will make your chimney looking and performing like new. We look forward to hearing from you and servicing you and your family for years to come.