Having a chimney means having to deal with soot. This residue comes from burning firewood and can catch fire if not controlled on time. So, it is important to have it removed periodically for safety reasons. Chimney cleaning involves removing the soot, dirt, and getting rid of creosote from all sections of the chimney. Tools used in chimney cleansing consist of furnace cover, chimney brush rods/rope, tape, mirror, dirt mask or goggles, flashlight, ladder, steel bucket, shovel, broom chimney brush, store vacuum, and so on. There are also some chimney soot remover chemicals out there that can be used in addition to the tools.

There are four special techniques used to clean a chimney – Rod Method Top Down, Rod Method Bottom Up, Weight Method, and Dual Line Method. Here is a detailed look at them.

Main Techniques for Chimney Soot Remover

There are four main and easy ways to remove the soot from your chimney. You can make chimney soot remover at home or can hire professionals. You can buy it from the store as well. Chimney soot remover can help you increase the efficiency of your fireplace. So, use the below-mentioned techniques with a chimney soot remover for maximum effectiveness.

Rod Method Top Down

In this method, chimney brush is used to clean through the chimney opening by elevating and lowering chimney brush inside the walls of the chimney. To reach the lower section of chimney walls, a steel rod can be attached to the chimney brush. Rods need to be brought to suit the size for cleaning. The soot and particles will be gathered at the closed end of the furnace inside the house.

Rod Method Bottom Up

This is somewhat similar to the above method, but the cleaning will be carried out from the fireplace to the top of the chimney. Here the only benefit is that there is no need to climb to the roof. On the other hand, this technique will lead to a messy outcome because the fire is open. So, the use of drop cloths and lots of tarps is necessary to maintain the ground and furnishings close by while cleaning.

Weight Method

This technique is nearly comparable to the top-down rod method. Here instead of rods connected to the chimney brush, rope alongside with pull ring and weights are used. A setup consisting of a rope, pull ring, and weight is assembled with a chimney brush. Here the interior partitions of the chimney are scrubbed by elevating and reducing the brush. The fireplace can be closed in this technique leading to a contained clean up.

Dual Line Method

This technique requires two people. The rope is tied to both ends of the brush. One person pulls the rope upwards from the top whilst the other pulls from the backside of the chimney. Each person takes turns pulling the rope so that the brush strokes the top and backside thereby scrubbing the indoors walls of the chimney. This technique is also messy because the furnace doors are kept open.

While cleaning the chimney you want to consider some security measures as well. The first challenge is to check for any fires going on prior to beginning the cleansing process. The next one is the use of the ladder. A fall from the top can be very dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the environment before beginning the cleansing process. Make sure your vision and respiratory fitness are not affected. Using goggles or full masks is an essential protection precaution.

Personal or Professional Chimney Sweep

What you need to know before applying the chimney soot remover is the right way to use it.  You should get professional assistance if needed as professionals always professionally use the chimney soot remover. Though you can make chimney soot remover on your own with specific methods, you should buy it from the store. A professional chimney sweep cannot only professionally apply the chimney soot remover but they’re also well aware of all pros and cons. It is always best to hire professionals for this job because they can handle any situation if it goes wrong. You can get helpful maintenance guidance from them as well.

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