A clogged chimney is never a good idea, as it can lead to devastating house fires and the seepage of noxious fumes into the home. So, it’s important to get in touch with a local chimney sweep and get your fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned on regular basis. The primary reason that you should contact a trusted local chimney sweep like SootMaster is that they will likely be well versed with the local conditions with regards to things like the way homes are constructed, the kind of fuel that is more in use in the area as well the kind of creosote and soot buildup that is likely to occur.

Chimney CapsThat being stated, just hiring a local chimney sweep is not enough. You should take the pains to find out the best local chimney sweeps in the area. There are several reasons why you should work only with the best local chimney sweeps and no one else. The most important one of course is safety.

An inadequately cleaned fireplace and chimney can be a fire hazard. You just cannot take chances with your family’s safety. Besides, an amateur may perform an untidy job, and end up damaging your expensive property. They may not even care to properly clean up the place after completing their job.

How to Identify the Best Local Chimney Sweeps


The best local chimney sweeps will be professional in their approach and show promptness in responding to a query. Besides, they will be punctual and carry out a proper inspection before commencing the chimney sweep. Once they start the sweeping process, they would know exactly what is expected of them and would not be found groping or floundering in the dark.


The best local chimney sweeps will always carry some ID on them. This could be in the shape of company uniforms that let you know the name of the organization they represent.


The best local chimney sweeps would surely have local client testimonials that validate their claims of being stellar chimney sweeps. It is particularly important that you check this out for that will surely put your mind at rest with regard to the bona fides of the people you are thinking of hiring.


The best local chimney sweeps will be insured for expenses arising out of damage to property or injury suffered during the chimney cleaning process. Of course, no one expects such things to happen, but it is best to be prepared to avoid an unpleasant situation later.


The thing about chimney cleaning is that it is not a regulated industry and just about anybody can present themselves as the best local chimney sweeps in town. It is for you to determine, whether they truly are. One of the ways of doing that is by seeing if they are carrying the right kind of tools.

While chimney cleaning may appear to be a simple task of removing soot and creosote build-up and one may be tempted to hire the first people who turn up at your doorstep, you should certainly resist the temptation. Apart from the dangers caused by improperly swept chimneys explained above, you have got to be wary of scam artists and criminals turning up at your home, claiming to be local chimney sweeps. They could prove to be a real danger to your safety and that of your family.

Making a little effort required to hire genuine local chimney sweeps will go a long way in not only ensuring trouble-free heating but also your personal safety. Getting your chimney inspected and cleaned is beneficial, also from an economic point of view, in light of the fact that heating becomes more efficient and your power bill does not get inflated. Besides, you get to experience heating the way that it is expected to be. As anybody will tell you, there’s nothing like a warm hearth in the heart of the cold and dark winter to gladden the heart of the most serious of people.

Every year one read of the extensive damage that occurred to properties from house fires caused by clogged chimneys. The extent of loss runs into hundreds and millions of dollars and often there are fatalities reported. Considering all this is easily avoidable, it is a pity that so many people continue to take the issue of chimney inspection and sweeping so casually. All that one needs to do to avoid such a situation is to get in touch with the best local chimney sweeps in your town or city and hire one of them.

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